Inspire U.S.

Inspire U.S. is the first program of its kind. Launched in early 2013, this nonpartisan, peer-to-peer high school voter registration program empowers students to drive positive change in their communities.

“It is essential for my generation to vote because they all can contribute a pebble, in order to form a mountain of change. Voting is a privilege that emerged from the soul of our country and we cannot take it for granted.”

–Edgar Varela, Inspired Leader, COIUS-Surveys-Nov2015

Let’s face it–young people have the most at stake in many of the issues we face in this country. It’s time for their voices to be heard as together we seek solutions to these problems. Since they are the newest demographic to win the right to vote, they learn how important their participation is to our democracy and they start by registering their peers to vote.

They don’t stop there. They’re the most connected generation in American history and they are eager to ask and learn about the issues that matter most to them and their peers. Through this program, they understand the importance of listening to diverse perspectives in cultural and economic context. State by state, Inspire students gain leadership skills, practice critical thinking, recruit volunteers and interact with community leaders and elected officials in an effort to create sustainable solutions.

In three short years, Inspired Leaders across the country registered nearly 28,000 of their high school peers to vote and encouraged them to cast their ballots in local elections as well as the 2016 Presidential primaries and general elections.  In February 2017,  the Inspire U.S. program received IRS approval to be recognized as a separate 501(c)3 public charity.

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