Thriving Downtown

A message from our director, Geoff Haag, MPH:

G_HaagEmbarking on the third year of “Thriving Downtown”, we’ve helped nearly 325 seniors in the 92101 and 92103 zip codes. Put simply, the goal of the program is to offer assistance to San Diego’s downtown seniors living on fixed incomes who have limited social resources. Many live in isolation without family or friends available to turn to. We strive to do whatever we can to help them maintain their independence.

Attempting to facilitate their lives, the greatest area of need has generally been transportation to medical appointments. Often we’re only needed to provide one-time service, but in many cases we become a resource utilized for a wide variety of ongoing challenges. We have provided assistance in locating support for legal, financial and insurance issues, as well as offering help with moving, shopping, pet-sitting, and connections to other existing community services. We do our best to assist as able.

Another aim is to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, but when our clients do have medical events we continue to provide support and advocacy throughout their hospital and skilled nursing stays. Having worked for 15 years as a medical social worker in San Diego, I can be quite helpful.

The most frequently asked question is “How much does it cost?” Or “Which insurances do you work with?” We are generously supported by the non-profit foundation “Project High Hopes” and offer our services free of charge.

Please feel free to contact me if you have somebody in mind who could use a hand.

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For more information about the program or eligibility requirements, please email This demonstration project, “Thriving Downtown”, is supported by Project High Hopes. We collaborate with other area organizations which strive to improve the lives of seniors.